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Whether you are a business in emerging markets or a well established fortune 500 – we’ve got you covered. And although your client may be aware of them, they may not know how to get involved.

So whether it’s sending out invoices, paying bills, helping to prepare taxes or doing payroll for employees, there are a ton of services you can offer under this umbrella. Not only are they easier for your clients to afford than personal assistants, but you’re able to take on several clients at once, work remotely and take on the workload that serves you and your business best. You just need to look for reliable service providers, contact them, negotiate, and finalize employment terms. Then, you just need to wait as they assign the best VA for you. You only need to give the instructions and your desired outcome. You can avoid the hassle of supervising them with every step because virtual assistants are trained and equipped to deliver quality work independently.

Best for Customer Satisfaction

Creating a cross-border ecommerce digital strategy for your business is an important step towards leveraging your website as a customer acquisition tool. Find out if your company is ready to sell online with ourDigital Readiness Quiz. The International Partner Search provides U.S. Virtual Services firms with a list of up to five agents, distributors and partners that have expressed an interest in your product or service. We do not simply ask or tell questions during these calls; rather, we listen carefully and allow them to speak freely without interruption or judgement.

Pricing is not disclosed on the company’s website; it offers prices only for clients who request and complete a full consultation. Onboarding starts when clients meet with a team member to discuss their needs. Next, they are assigned a Client Success Consultant who works with them step by step through the process; the consultant works with the client to find the right talent for their needs. Finally, the Client Success Consultant sets up a kickoff call before onboarding the VA with the client. Even though the first task is free, and any unused hours can be rolled over into the next month, we found the service to be extremely expensive for the limited number of hours you can use per month. Users have access to only 60 hours of assistance per month.

Customer Support

If Belay doesn’t have a VA that knows your specific software, the company will train the VA at no cost to you. Your client success consultant will schedule interviews for you to meet your candidates and ask questions. The company commits itself to finding you an ideal match that you’ll be pleased with.

Top 5 Virtual Assistant Company for you to hire VAs. –

Top 5 Virtual Assistant Company for you to hire VAs..

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